Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ice...The Blue Planet

For some time now I've wanted to work on the color blue. I love the dark as well as the light tones, but don't have any clue to what I want to photograph, as for now, that is. Usually, when I start  out on a new project, images come to me, as I keep my awareness of what it is I'm after. These two images were taken today, a small beginning of some great adventures and fun, I hope :-)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Telling A Story In A Portfolio

I ended up telling a story in my Portfolio 2012. That is the way I was challenged by my tutors.
It all started last summer as I found an old door in the woods, not too far from a church, decided to take it with me and turn it into a "photo project". From here on I kind of told my own story by looking through the glass door.
4 of the photos I've blogged before.
The images are named from the left (upper corner) as follows:

1   The Portal
2   The Awakening
3   No One Home
4   Blind Obedience
5   Reaching Out
6   The Heavy Burden
7   There Is No Escape
8   Break The Spell
9   Nothing But Projections
10 Nothing Left To Lose
11 Spiritual Guidance
12  Rituals
13 Shadows Of Doubt

In 2013 I'll hopefully let go of all doubt!