Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Hunt...

My intention here is to portray how we humans struggle with the ego, or, in other terms, the negative voices within. At times it can almost feel as if I'm shooting myself in the back of the head (that exact feeling was my inspiration).
The self destructiveness/lack of confidence stems from no one but my intellectual self.
The negative thoughts are projected (shot) outwards, with no real awareness of what, where, how or what kind of an impact they might have on our surroundings/the collective consciousness.
I've used the same "persona" three times, once with a plastic mask (no hair) and boots, the two other selves (physical, emotional and mental), with hair and bare foot. They stand in a diagonal line to show they are connected, past, present, future, in disguise (not easy to track) but still naked and vulnerable (no hair/bare foot).
The birds represent projected thoughts and feelings, to track them down and still the noise is an ongoing process...and not very easy...
Some philosophies advice to kill the ego, others to befriend it, others again reject it or know not of its existence.
The Light in the picture, is The Light.
I do not expect anyone to see what I see, or understand my personal mental/emotional processes, it would have been much too much to ask of anyone, neither do I think it is important.
What I believe to be of a greater significance, is how you, the viewer, interpret images, and what they might provoke in you, cause I strongly believe it is you, and what comes from you, that defines who you are and what you believe to be important, if that makes any sense.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Conqueress...

Out playing again...Not easy to have a shoot in public places...specially not when I drag that sword around with me all the time...incredible inspiring, all the same.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

In Between...

I have had a hard time publishing anything at all on Blogspot the last couple of weeks. The images look horrible as blogspot adds contrast. In my case the settings are bad for my pictures, they look horrible. This image is no exception....I have posted the same one

where it does look much better.
Anyone had the same problem??
All the best to you all and have a wonderful weekend :-)