Sunday, November 30, 2014

three sisters...

From Left:
Models: Grace Gray, Hulda Vigdísardóttir, Carmen Obied, Berglind Pétursdóttir
Dress & headpiece: Minna Attala, Miss Anjela, Miss Aniela, Agnieszka Osipa
Stylist: Minna Attala
Hair & makeup: Grace Gray
Producer: Miss Aniela

Friday, November 21, 2014

the lost wing...

Photographer/Creative Editing: Lis DH Magnus
Model: Carmen Obied
Stylist: Minna Attala
Headpiece: Stylist’s own
Hair & makeup: Grace Gray
Dress: Miss Aniela
Producer: Miss Aniela

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

leaf land...before and after...puh...

Guess all the magic disappears when I post the before and after...?
Went out early Saturday morning to gather some leafs and branches, had an appointment with my model later that day. Did not have a clear plan as to what exactly to make, but wanted to create something out of autumn leafs. My idea was to make the model blend into the leafs as if she was a part of nature itself.
As you can see, I had to work my butt off in post, if I had planned the shoot better, I guess I would have had an easier job afterwards, hence it is kind of rewarding to create as I go too...
Hope you have creative and interesting days!
(My daughter is on the left side there, running around with smoke emitters to create "mist")

Friday, October 10, 2014

Museum of Art, Hong Kong

Not easy to move around in HK these days, as the police has blocked many streets and larger areas. There were places we were told to keep away from, so we did...I was a bit disappointed when it comes to the national museum of art, as many exhibits were closed. However, I'm glad to have put my feet there...I did enjoy taking loads of photos of random places and happenings, a real tourist snapping away at anything, really, without any preparation or previous thought.
Have a wonderful week end:-))

Friday, September 26, 2014

in too deep...

This time around I'm trying to tell more of a story by posting a series. The first two images are taken in a small pond, not far away from where I was brought up. I used to play here, went swimming in the summer and ice skated through out the winter.
The third image is taken an hours drive outside of Oslo, where my brother lives. I had to use the clone stamp in photoshop quite heavily to get rid of the outboard motor as well as the dock. The swans were there though, swimming back and forth...over and over again, I could not have directed them any better...:-))
The story is about my own life, I see that now, more than often I'm just drawn to places, people and ideas than the actual story. In post I usually discover what the story is all about, as I did this time too...
Thank you so, so much for following my process and engaging in my imagery, I learn so much from the feedbacks you give, always. I see much clearer with you around and you cheer me up!! Much appreciated <3!!
My daughter and I are leaving a week for China tomorrow, I'm taking my camera, not my laptop.
Have a wonderful "Høstferie," (spring break, kind of, but it's not we call it "fall break").
Blessings and much love to all of you <3

Thursday, May 22, 2014

sky maker...the door...

The line (door) between what the mind perceives to be the "real world", (the state in which we call ourselves "awake,") and the dream world, (sleep and "unconscious") is very thin.
The woman in the picture is in a night gown, mimicking the transition between the two, coming from the left side (day) into the right side of the image, (night). The smoke blowing out of her mouth is to symbolise the thin veil we enter when we actually loose ourselves into the "subconscious" (sleep).
I chose not to make the left side of the door much different from the right, as I'm not quite sure there is in fact much of a dissimilarity at side might be mirroring the other, or, the dream state might be the "conscious" one, after all...Who knows, we might all be dreamers having a human experience...going home every night...
Technically, we drove all the way to the top of the mountain with the (very heavy...puh...) door in the back of the car. We carried it until we found the perfect spot...
My intention is personal, and might be far from what you see yourselves, if there is much to be interpreted at all...
Peace <3

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Human Generator...a creative assignment

This is a creative assignment where we were told to use 3 different tools in one image

1:  a fork
2:  a shoehorn
3: a light bulb

I do allot of bicycling, both mountain and road biking. It's during my spinning classes throughout the winter,  I've come up with an idea on how to utilize energy while spinning...
I'm sure you can see where I've put the 3 different tools...:-))

Wish you all a happy 17th of May (you Norwegians) and a creative weekend to everyone :-)))


Saturday, May 10, 2014

...smoking hot...the intuitive process

I've been very curious lately as to how my brain works in regard to creating images that are intuitively inspired. Images come to me in my dreams, occasionally I remember them and write them down. Other times, an idea just hits me, out of thin air, it feels like, and other times again, I see images online that stick with me. This image is inspired by another image I created. While working on the image above in Photoshop, I wanted to try out new things, so I did, but it did not work.
Yes, I`ve got a book full of ideas, how I practically go around to actually execute them, is a whole new ball game. It may take me months to figure out the "hows." And, the final result might not be at all what I anticipated in the first place...
Peace from

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Confusion In Center...

Just experimenting really, playing outside the mental box, no more, no less :-)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Soul Searching...

If I believe in reincarnation, one of the passed ones must have been as a Native American, I'm sure.
Their culture, beliefs and rituals have fascinated me for years. Down the road I've had some amazing experiences attending some of them....I could have written a book on the subject.
In this image I'm trying to get into my own head, as I believe we only see the world as reflections of what we believe to be true, be it mental or emotional, conscious or subconscious.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Smoke And Mirrors...

In this image I'm trying to portray an actual picture I had in a dream. This is the fifth image, I remember thinking that I would never remember all 5, so I tried to hold on to the last one...and then I woke up. I kept thinking of it the whole day, so that I would not forget. I have no clue as to what it might mean, although I've called it "smoke and mirrors". I love being creative, I strive to be fearless and have a mind "out of the box"!! All the best to all of you. Peace <3

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Angel At Work...Before/After

Just wanted to shock myself by posting a before/after image.
Much is said about Photoshop, and I agree, I thought you could work magic just by pushing a couple of buttons, et voila, out came the perfect picture. Something like that, anyhow.
It has taken me hours, days, weeks, months, much over a year, actually, to get used to the programme. I've scarcely scratched the surface, it looks like. What suddenly hit me a year ago, was all the creative possibilities...if I could only get the grip on some of the basics. Photoshop has all the tools in the digital world I could ever dream of.
I could push myself over the artistic edge, and in the same manner, push my creativity...
Anything is possible (just takes loads of hard work...)
What do you think? Photoshop or no Photoshop