Friday, November 8, 2013

Yogini In Meditation...

I've had the most inspiring photoshoot this week.
In the cold (1 degree Celsius), by a beautiful small river, just outside Oslo, this amazingly beautiful Yogini sat still, in different asanas (poses), for nearly an hour.
She is originally covered in blue ashes, but I have changed the colors to match my personal taste, and added butterflies to better portray the peace of an awakened being.
I'm sure I will be posting more images over the next week from this seance.
If any of you wonder, she is of flesh and blood...not a statue...:-))
Peace <3!!


  1. I like the creativity!

  2. A nice portrait of the Yogini, wonderful textures and colors!

  3. Wonderfully catched and edited, stunning portrait, congratulations!!


  4. Du, ingen tvekan om att hon är av kött och blod:):)
    Heller ingen tvekan om att du har gjort det igen...Stunning...ser fram emot fler bilder från seansen!
    Kram och god helg till dig kreatören!

  5. I like the hair light and the viewpoint chosen to show the yogi ...It's a very creative

    I hope to see more photos from this session so inspiring for you, Lis.

    A kiss, Lis, and dress warm!!

  6. Så spennende og kreativt, Lis! Sitter og ser hvor fint fargene gjentas ulike steder. Nydelig med sommerfuglene du har lagt til.... og ja, håper å få se mye mer av denne serien!
    Ha en flott helg:)

  7. I love the symbolism of butterflies swirling around, pure magic!

  8. wow , er imponert over det bilde , supert !

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  10. Et smart grep med sommerfuglene, og en nydelig diskre bruk av filter samt dine fargetoner (som sammenfaller veldig med min smak) underbygger den ro og styrke som din modell tydeligvis innehar.. Ser frem til flere bilder fra samme shoot :)


  11. I admire your work. Your photography is... so exquisite...
    Well, the model, the yogi, is very attractive. Her face glows with inner peace.

    · many hugs

    · CR · & · LMA ·

  12. D'une telle concentration ne peuvent naître que des papillons magiques.


  13. Lis ... this has been a great idea.
    These pictures are pure art!
    I feel my absence, but I had a relative in the hospital.
    Do not worry, everything is better.
    A kiss.